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Friday, April 25, 2014

Don't ever think to test you iman (2)


My heart beat never slowed down.

Come to the briefing session, I'd been separated from my colleagues means that I got different job scope. Never mind, I was cool to try the new task myself back there.

I have eight more people in my group and we have been told to follow the boss to the check point where we need to guard. It freaks me out when he brought all of us through the main gate, I mean a real gate where you could not even see what happen in there. We entered the gate and I saw a lot of 'crazy' boys and girls, move their butt following the music beat (sorry my word).

Allah, aku kat mana ni ?

Some girls were not even got shirts on them, just bra and panties (sorry my words). They start banging their head right and left while I still following the boss to my check point and it was a shocked that I need to guard a bar store! I need to guard their alcohol drink, Asahi, Carlsberg, and some more I couldn't remember.

I screamed out loud, but I realised then that the scream was just in my mind.

I said, alright let see how long I can stand in this atmosphere, I'm challenging my iman though. I guarded the store well. Some guys, maybe british or american I didn't know tried to bribe me as only me can access the store's door. I mean I have been bribed several times, they came with a couple of RM50 note. What would you do if you are in my shoes? accept it or not?.

I refused it with a 'samseng' words and look. I need to.

The music is so nice, beat my heart till I feel like I want to dance with them. I like the music. FYI, it was ASOT, a state of trance show. I enjoyed listening to the music there, wiped away my good heart (I shouldn't do that I knew it).

It comes to the time when my legs tired and I tried to find a place to sit. I got it, at the edge outside the store, suddenly  a drunk guy walks behind me and spilled out his alcohol on my shirt. It smells like pee.

Allah, inikah peringatan terakhir dari Mu?

I said to myself, stop it, this is too much, this is not right. I ran in between the dancers to my bike, changed my shirt and ride back to my house.

Lepas mandi, solat, baru hati tenang balik. Alhamdulillah.

I've been told that party is the biggest outdoor party in Asia, and shockingly at that night, there were 16 death not reported in news or paper, some said almost 27 peoples dead during that party caused by overdosed pills. I believe it because in five hours since I guarded the store, I helped three or four overdosed girls which are half dead, really, I gave them water to drink and called ambulance.

I don't have any suitable word to say here but thank to Allah for the unexpected experience.

p/s: I haven't received any payment for that job, but it's okay, I don't want it either.

p/s/s: sorry my grammar or word choice. Correct me please.

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